hank's clam shack visits untold brewing -                                       

october 27, 2017

  halloween in the harbor -  october 31, 2017

                   Wednesdays 7:30pm

  heritage days weekend -  august 5-7, 2016

  harvest moon feast -  october 2, 2017

pig roast & luau -  may 14, 2015

Guests enjoyed Local Food, Local Music & Local Artisans all weekend long! 
We flung open the windows & served up Scituate Lobster Sliders & shucked a gazillion Oysters from our gifted shore.  Aldous Collins Band possessed the masses as people shook what their mamas gave them all over the restaurant & on the sidewalks too! 

                Monday-Thursday 5-6pm

We all ate, drank & wore coconuts!  Guests hula'ed the night away while feasting on Roast Pig, Sweet Potato Croquettes, Spam Sliders, Tuna Poke & Pineapple Chipotle Hog Shanks. 

Kona Brewing Company poured some frosty Longboard Pale Ale & the guests that forgot to dress the part weren't left out for long cause everybody got lei'ed.   

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January 13th, 2015

Thank you to everyone who came and helped us celebrate out First Birthday at Galley!  Opening Galley proved challenging as so many of you who eagerly waited well know!  Galley has been a community effort from the get go & celebrating with so many of you felt so satisfyingly appropriate.

Music was provided by Jackson Wetherbee, Aldous Collins, Steve Smith & friends & their contagious beats had people on their feet all night.

Guests enjoyed dollar oysters & dollar bites & the evening was complete with a lovingly crafted, seriously blue Galley cake! 

Here's to 2015, a great second year - & most of all - Here's to You!  Thank you for making us feel so welcome to do what we love! 

turning one-  first birthday party